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Tag: oca machine

oca machine

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  • M-Triangel (MT-102) LCD Laminating Machine Bubble Remover Machine

    • Model Number: MT-102
    • Condition: New
    • Work efficiency:: 50 pcs/hour
    • Heating mode: constant heating
    • Suitable for use: Smart phone within 7 inch
    • Voltage power: 220v/110v 800W
    • Net/Gross Weight:: 56.5kg/70kg
    • Equipment /Packing size:: 535*425*355 mm/620*520*440mm

    1. For LCD, LED, OLED laminating, air bubbles removing;
    2. Fast laminating, 30 S/PC;
    3. Easy operation, one button to start, touch panel system control;
    4. Suitable for all touch screen smart phones in the market: for Iphone, samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, XiaoMi….Samsung Edge series;
    5.New Generation LCD vacuum laminating machine, no need the Screw, 1 second to lock the door;
    6.All in one machine,built In vacuum pump and air compressor;

    Product Name
    LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine
    Built In vacuum pump and air compressor
    Equipment /Packing size:
    535*425*355 mm/620*520*440mm
    Net/Gross Weight:
    Wooden box
    Lamination time
    Bubble removing time
    5-10min(de-bubble chamber could  load 20pcs LCD at the same time)
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  • RE-780 OCA Lamination Machine With LCD Display Features:

    Suitable for repairmen who only lamination the flat screens (Laminating Area Size 237*167mm).

    1) It should be used with an air compressor and a vacuum pump.

    2) Easy to operate, clear feature recognition.

    3) Installed pneumatic valves in right side, you can adjust the pressures as your actual need.

    4) The times of laminating and vacuum are adjustable according to the actual need.

    5) It has a great laminating effect under the vacuum pressure.

    6) In addition to laminate many series models of mobile phones, it also can laminate the iPad 9.7 inches.

    7) Special water outfall. You can drain the dirty water regularly to protect the machine.

    Package Content*

    1x RE-780 13-Inch OCA Laminator Machine

    1x Bubble Remover Machine

    1x 2L Vacuum Pump With Oil

    1x 30L Air Compressor

    1 Set Connection Pipe

    2x Power Cable

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    • आप आसानी से मोबाइल की ख़राब स्क्रीन को दोबारा नया बना सकते हैं
    • आप किसी मोबाइल की स्क्रीन का गिलास आसानी से चेंज कर सकते हैं.
    • किसी भी मोबाइल की एलसीडी बनाने में 3 से 5 मिनट का समय लगता हैं
    • आप अपनी मर्ज़ी से चाहे जितनी एलसीडी एक दिन में तैयार कर सकते हैं
    • BABA TOOLS की OCA LAMINATING MACHINE को यूज करना बहुत ही आसान है
    • आप BABA TOOLS की OCA LAMINATING MACHINE की मदद से BUBBLE FREE  LCD बना सकते हैं
    • हम आपको सभी OCA MACHINE पर 2 साल की WARRANTY देते हैं
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  • YMJ OCA Machine Package Content*

    1x YMJ Machine
    1x Bubble Remover 
    1x Vacuum Pump 4L
    1x Air Compressore 30L
    1x Base Mold With Mat
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  • G2Mark RE-900+  EDGE / FLAT Screen OCA Lamination Machine 


    1. New Design RE-900+  9 inches Mobile Phone OCA Laminating Machine.

    2.  Fast working speed, time-saving and high efficiency.

    3. Edge molds supported, the machine can laminate all series of edge and flat screens on the market.

    4. 100cm large cylinder with a maximum pressure of 6.8kg/cm².

    5. Thick parallel guides and pressure plates to ensure the smooth and safe laminating process.

    6. Pressure regulator system for OCA laminate / LCD laminate.

    7. Safe and secure unbreakable / bubble free laminate system.

    8. This machine need use together with extra air compressor and vacuum pump.

    Package Content*

    1x G2Mark RE-900+ Laminator

    1x Bubble Remover Machine

    1x 4L Vacuum Pump

    1x 30L Air Compressor

    1x Flat Base Mold

    1x Edge Base Mold

    1x Black Soft Mat

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  • Features:

    1.Latest upgrades LCD Reapir Machine For LCD, LED, OLED laminating, air bubbles removing;

    2.Specially designed for Samsung S6 S7 S8 Edge Curved Screen;
    3.The latest design Debubble door,More safety,Easy operation, one button to start, touch panel system control;
    4.Also Suitable for Iphone, for samsung, for HTC, for Nokia, for Sony, for Huawei, for XiaoMi….
    5.Special mold For More accurate alignment,More efficient doing Curved Screen LCD Repair;
    6.All in one machine,built in vacuum pump and air compressor;
    7.18 months warranty, online technical support is provied.
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  • IOS Automatic OCA Lamination Machine Features:

    1. The machine has 16 inches large working area, it can laminate all series of flat & curved screens and iPad Pro.
    2. It’s equipped with a big cylinder and four balance guideways. There is no risk of crushing mobile phone screens when the laminate board rises.
    3. The tandem type of airlock with the machine has a practical patent. It is absolutely safe and reliable to lock the door by using the upper and lower thick aluminum plate and T-shaped buckle.
    4. The internal lines and gas lines you can see very clearly inside the machine. It is very convenient to repair any accessories when you need after-sales service.
    5. You don’t need to install the air treatment by yourselves now. You can use the machine when you charge it.
    6. The bubble pressure and the laminating pressure of the machine can be adjusted depending on the needs.
    7. There is the most important function for the air treatment that is it can isolate moisture from the air into the machine to protect the backlight.
    8. Carry the heating device on the upper cover, direct effects on the heating plate, make OCA be softened. The laminating effect is better.

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  • Sale!


    This product contains:

    1. One Laminating Machine
    2. One Bubble Remover
    3. One Air Compressor
    4. One Vacuum Pump


    1. One Year Manufacturing Warranty


    This Laminating Machine Works For Flat Screens Only

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