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  • Features: 

    Input Voltage : 220V
    Power: 1000W
    Temperature Range: 100~480℃
    Maximum Air Flow:120L/min
    1:Three regular channels are “CH1”, “CH2” and “CH3”. Each channel’s parameters including temperature and airflow can be set.
    2:Real time operation by the magnetic switch. It will Cooling status when the handle is placed on holder, When the temperature drops to 100 degrees Celsius into sleep mode.
    3:Auto sleeping function. Parameters can be set in sleeping state.
    4:Closed loop sensor. Temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering modes, and adjusted conveniently, accurate and stable, not affected by airflow.
    5:Large power, rapid heating.
    6:A multipurpose unit, having brushless whirlpool motor, wide range.

    7:An automatic cooling system can prolong the life time of heating element and protect the handle.

    Package Content*
    1x Atten ST-862D Rework Station

    1x Handle Stand
    4x SMD Nozel
    1x Power Cord
    1x Anti-Static Wire
    1x User Manual
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  • Three programmable channels for temperature and airflow

    Magnetic handle switch for quick response operation

    Easy accurate and stable temperature setting

    Three supplied nozzles (Others on request)



    Size: 188 x 245 x 135mm (LxDxH)
    Power: 1300W
    Voltage: 220 – 240V
    Temperature range: 100 – 500°C
    Airflow range: 6 – 200 ltr/min



    The 861DW ESD comes bundled with:

    • > Holder for the hot air handle
    • > EU power cord
    • > Spare fuse (10 A / 250 V, 5x 20 mm)
    • > Cap for the hot air exit
    • > 3 different nozzles (see image above; outside diameters 5.0mm, 6.4mm, 8.4mm)
    • > A conversion nozzle. This allows you to use any Aoyue nozzle on this station.
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  • QUICK 715 220V/110V Double-station intelligent soldering station for Phone Motherboard Repair


    Product Description


    QUICK 715 2 IN 1 Rework & Soldering Station Four years of dedicated R & D, more than a thousand days and nights of work, countless trials and improvements.  In 2020, another masterpiece of QUICK is finally available QUICK 715 intelligent rework stationAdopt the latest design concept of QUICK COG large screen LCD display, thin and light, low power consumption, adjustable brightness Independent control of temperature and air volume Encoder adjustment, more intelligent Digital temperature / air volume calibration, more intuitive and convenient


    1. 2008 air gun and 936A soldering iron combined 2. The air gun can automatically sleep on the shelf 3. Calibration temperature 4. Encoder adjustment 5. Cool appearance of Hight technology 6. COG large screen, thin and light, low energy consumption 7. Small temperature difference (plus or minus 5 degrees)


    1. Backlight on / off 2. Temperature calibration of air gun / soldering iron 3. Encoder on / off

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  • YAXUN YX891 Professional lead-free hot air gun soldering station Intelligent digital display 1000W high power rework station

    Product Features: 1. Provided with three storage channel settings for CH1,CH2 and CH3 and can independedtly set the air volume and temperature of each group of channels. 2. Provided with botton lock and buzzer to avoid wrong operation. 3. Provided with mangetic control swith.The handle is placed on the handle holder to enter the sleep mode. Parameters can be set in the sleep mode . 4. The sensor closed loop ,microcomputer zero-crossing temperature control,high power,fast temperature rise,convenient,assurate & stable temperature adjustment,not affected by the air volume. 5. With brushless vortex fan,the air flow is adjustable and the range is large,which can be used for various purposes. 6. The system has automatic big air volume cooling function to extend the service life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.escribe the details of the selling point above, attracting and providing trust to your potential users.

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  • Features:

    1. It has four working channels: CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, and
    The air volume and temperature of each channel can be set and stored.
    2. It has a variety of protection functions and perfect button functions.
    3. Convenient real-time operation, with magnetic switch control, the handle is placed in the hand
    The handle frame immediately goes to sleep.
    4. With automatic sleep function, the parameters can be adjusted in the sleep state
    Set up.
    5. Sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero crossing trigger temperature control, high power,
    The temperature rises quickly, and the temperature adjustment is convenient and accurate and stable, and is not affected by the air output.
    6. Using brushless vortex fan, the air flow is adjustable, the range is large, and it can be suitable
    Should be used for multiple purposes.
    7. The system is equipped with automatic large air volume cooling function to extend the life of the heating element,
    Protect the hot air handle.
    8. Real-time ℃/℉ temperature display function.
    9. Has the function of self-calibration of temperature.
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  • Features:

    1. Sensors, closed circuit, the z ero passage trigger temperature control of the microcomputer.

    2. LED display, big power, heating is rapid, accurate and stable temperature, not affected by the air volume, truly lead-free desoldering.

    3. Adjustable air flow, air volume big and soft wind, temperature control is convenient, can be suitable for a variety of purposes.

    4. The handle is equipped with induction switch, as long as the hand shake hands handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; Handle is released into the handle frame, the system will enter the standby mode, easy to operate in real time.

    5. The system is equipped with automatic air cooling function, can prolong the life of heating element and protect the heat g un.

    6. Adopts brushless fan very long life, small noise, using high quality heating element under the same power efficiency can be doubled, and can effectively prolong the working life of the heating element and power saving.

    7. The machine is equipped with safety protection function.

    Package Included:

    1 x QUICK 2008 Rework Station

    4 x Nozzles

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  • This new and improved 2-in-1 SMD rework soldering station heats up fast and maintains a stable temperature so that you can solder and Desoldering SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, or other temperature-sensitive components uninterrupted.  Rotation will stop automatically when the temperatures drop under 158 Fahrenheit and the same time intelligent error detection stops short circuits and overheating before they occur. The hot air gun starts working only when the power is on and it is placed on top of the holder to keep you safe.

    Feature: This 850 auto can automatically stop working when you do not use it


    Power Voltage: 220V (please tell us if you want 110V)
    Power Consumption: 500W (Max.)
    Pump: Diaphragm Pump
    Capacity: 24L/min (Max.)
    Hot Air Temperature: 212-896°F/100-480°C
    Outer Dimensions: 7.4×5.9×9.6 inches / 187x150x245 mm
    Weight: Around 4 Kilo with Packing
    Outer Dimensions: 187 (W) x150 (H) x245 (D) mm

    Package Includes:


    1x Rework Station with Air Output
    1x Rework Tray
    3x Nozzles
    1x Manual

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  • YIHUA 862D+ 720W phone Repair Air Soldering Station With Heat Gun For Solder




    1.Hot air and hot iron 2in1 soldering rework station

    2.Extremely low noise and space saving design

    3.Advanced SMD technology for more stability use

    4.YIHUA862D+ 2 in1 soldering rework station use Dual LED digital displays to show precision temperature

    5.SAMSUNG microcomputer control , quick warming-up

    6.Digital PID technology to enhance temperature stability

    7.Adjust the airflow and temperature control rotation easily

    8..Automatically stop rotation when the temperature is less than 70°C

    9.Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation

    10.Auto and manual startup function of airflow temperature for more personality and convenience

    11.Handle with sensor switch features access operating mode when picks up or standby mode when lays down

    12.Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater’s life and protecting the hot air gun

    13.ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components

    14.International standard heater for convenient use and exchange

    15.High-quality resistance for durable use

    16.Plastic holder for placing the hot air gun , alloy iron stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials

    17.Suitable for SOIC , CHIP , QFP , PLCC , BGA and temperature-sensitive components ; Fits for heating shrink ,   drying , lacquer removal , viscidity removal , ice-out , pre-heating and glue soldering

    18.Input voltage AC 220V / AC 110V / AC 230V / AC 240V optional

    19.CE approved

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  • YAXUN 886D 2 in 1 SMD Hot Air & Soldering Station 220V /110V BGA Rework Station Automatic Off With 5V-1A USB


    1.suitable for unsoldering multiple cmponents,such as SOIC,CHIP,QFP,PLCC andBGA,etc(especially for flat cables and cable connectors).

    2.applicable for hot contraction,heating,depainting,degluing,defrosting.preheating and rubber soldering,and so forth.



    1.the products adopt closed loop of transducer.MCU intelligent drive.Digital LED display.High-power.the temperature turn up is very fast. Temperature stabilization and is impervious to air, Use the brushless fan,and long life and low noise,  it is good for lead free work too

    2.the air flow can be adjustable,and air blowing is big and gentle blowing plastic components won’t be deformed. such as buzzer and external interface of mobile phone is inductance in the handle, it will be quickly to work when you take the handle; when the handle is return to the shelf,the machine will automatic stopage

    4.automatic to blow cool air to safe the heating. temperature rapidly rises, and it can reach to the setting temperature only within 3 or 5 seconds. small volume light weigh, temp-control accurately

    5. safely remove BGA-IC ,keep pins intact.Much more safe

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  • Sale!
    • 850Ad solder station are add new feature for manual and auto transform
    • x put the key to auto: when you put the gun on the holder over 2 minute, that the gun will enter into standby mode
    • x put the key to manual: when you put the gun on the holder, that the gun still work along
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  • QUICK 857DW+ LEAD FREE ADJUSTABLE HOT AIR HEAT GUN WITH HELICAL WIND 580W SMD REWORK STATION Power Consumption 580 W Brand Quick Temperature Range 100 – 450 Degree C Air Flow 100L/min(Max) Air Pump Soft airflow Frequency 50Hz – 60Hz Length of Handle 110 cm Noise 75db Power Type AC Voltage 110V – 220V

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